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The Route 1 Corridor offers every kind of food - from great fast food to fine dining.

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Henry's Catering Service
Malden MA  
Web Email 781-322-5395

Henry's Catering Service located in Malden MA has been established for over 30 years and is aimed at pleasing their customers to the fullest extent. Henry's prides itself in being able to provide a splendid and eloquent meals design to fit the customer's budget. With Henry's Catering Services, there is always enough food for the customer's party or event.
Henry's provide customers with a unique and simple process of building their own personal personal buffet. From a large amount of dishes to choose from, all the customer has to do is to work from their top choice and simply go down from the rest of the remaining choices. Henry's menu is also a tool to keep track of the budget. Just circle the from a large selection of entree choices and simply add them up at the end to get the budget.
Henry's also allows for its customers to just come and pick up the meal, saving time for those who are too busy to cook for a crowd or having a home party. Meals picked up are guaranteed to be fresh and hot. From its dinner menu to its brunch menu, Henry's offers quality service with affordable prices that is always leads to client satisfaction.

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