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A Site That Works for You..

PeabodyBusiness networking, website optimization and social media marketing are the three methods for developing contacts and sales opportunities.
From introductions, referrals and a solid Internet program you can take your efforts from face-to-face meetings, across phone work, email blasts, and ad campaigns.
What we do is to tie it all together. To create a message and move it across the plain of opportunities.

How did it work back when..
In the early days of our nation, churches served as town halls. In front, on the town commons, is where most of trade was done. SaugusIt was a central location that served commerce well.
One aspect that has never changed - entrepreneurs still get together, face to face, to conduct business.
We now call it networking.

LynnfieldThe best, face to face, "handshake networking" can only be a small part of your effort to become successful. Day to day needs put time constraints on our ability to continually get the message out...
I have a business.. I have goods to sell.. I have the ability to provide good service..
How does it work now..
Our websites, and were designed to dramatically expand awareness and reach for each business.

DanversA central location to serve commerce (you)
Businessmen have clients and associations, while Chambers of Commerce have members and Networking groups have participants. While each may have a website and access to third party support services, only we provide comprehensive tools.  You can dramatically expand your networking reach by controlling your Feature Page and Subscriber emails.

Opportunities for you..
Have a banner ad in any location that you think will attract attention from the right source. Your banner can be linked to your website or into an internal page that features your company.

Slide Show
You can have your special event headlined on our front page slide show. A ribbon cutting, grand reopening and or  significant item of interest prominently appear on the cover page

Press Release
If you have a newsworthy article that spotlights your business, it can be added to our cover page News/Blog.

LynnfieldFeatured Listing
The site maintains three sets of listings; Business, Restaurants and Real Estate. You can choose to be a featured listing, which puts you on the cover of the appropriate section. The listing also provides for an icon, headshot or store front image. Visitors see you first and have the opportunity to link to your website or enter your Featured Page.

MelroseFeatured Page
Once a visitor finds you, they can either contact you, visit your website or select "view listing." View listing brings up a page that you control. You can create a mini site to feature goods, services or sales items.
Restaurant clients have two tailored features: a listing of important information and an online menu.
Real Estate clients have an additional feature for presenting a gallery of a featured home for sale.

BeverlySubscriber Database
Promote your business to 20,000 local members list. Over the course of fifteen years, we have built a significant database of qualified subscribers. Emailed notices of goods and services have presented "added value" to our recipients and have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business.